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Whether you are confronting a personal injury matter, a bad faith insurance claim or a business dispute, these are high-stakes concerns. You can rely on us, Shervin Golshani and Chris Lee, to use our insight to aggressively pursue the outcome you deserve.

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Our Areas Of Practice

Personal Injury

Car accidents and other motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, wrongful death, catastrophic injury, products liability and more.

Insurance Law

Insurance disputes and denials, first-party claims, third-party liability claims, failure to defend, failure to indemnify, and more.

Business Litigation

Contract disputes, fraud, contracts and agreements, franchise disputes, and more.

Client-Centered Services From Proven Attorneys

At Golshani Lee, LLP, you are our priority. We understand that you are an individual with unique needs, not a case number. Based out of San Diego, attorneys Shervin Golshani and Chris Lee are here to give you the focused legal counsel you require. As our client, you can depend on us to provide attentive representation, whether your concerns are tied to a legal issue or to a real-world problem.

We believe you shouldn’t need a lawyer to understand your lawyer. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively communicate the nuances of the law to our clients, regardless of their background.

Our clients receive personalized services from knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who have both prosecuted and defended cases. This unique perspective allows us to intimately understand the strategies employed by the other side, no matter which side you are on. When you partner with us, you will receive legal services with a focus on the results you deserve.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Equipped To Take Your Case – And Win

Ask previous clients, and they will tell you that we are welcoming attorneys who have the insight and drive to handle the most complex of legal issues. Don’t let our approachability fool you; we are tenacious attorneys who will relentlessly protect our clients’ interests around the negotiating table or in the courtroom.

Our record of results speaks for itself. We know how to use the law to advocate for the injured or wronged. We have secured millions of dollars for clients struggling with insurance coverage disputes and bad faith claims, car accidents, catastrophic injuries and other personal injury cases. And California business owners turn to us for adept representation with disputes involving contracts, fraud, franchise agreements and other complicated matters.

We aren’t here for the easy win. We live for the challenges our clients bring to our San Diego office. Whether you are taking legal action or defending against a claim, we are here and ready to fight on your behalf.

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The attorney you select can have a substantial impact on how your case progresses and how your problems are resolved. Before you contact any legal professionals, you owe it to yourself to learn about their background and qualifications. You can find links to our biographies below.

Attorney Shervin Golshani
Shervin Golshani
Attorney Christopher J. Lee

Christopher J. Lee

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