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Defending You Aggressively From Construction Defect Claims In Southern California

The nature of the construction industry makes it ripe for litigation. At Golshani Lee LLP, we protect your rights tenaciously if you face a construction defect dispute. Based out of San Diego, we serve individuals and business entities involved in a broad spectrum of construction defect claims. Our clients include contractors, subcontractors, developers and investors.

Our team of attorneys, Shervin Golshani and Christopher Lee, have extensive experience handling construction law, insurance law and business litigation matters, especially when these areas intersect. We are in the business of getting results, and that is what we intend to do in any construction defect defense dispute.

Here To Help With All Third-Party Claim Issues

One of the most common matters we handle is when a third party brings a claim against one of our clients. You probably feel concerned about what will happen, especially if the claim proceeds to litigation. We do everything we can to prevent this from happening unless it benefits you, in which we case we defend you at trial aggressively. Your bottom line is of utmost importance to us as we defend you from third-party construction claims in San Diego, such as roofing defects, land movement, design defects and more.

Defending Your Right To Have Your Insurer Defend You

This leads us to another issue we commonly see: the insurance company’s failure to defend. A third party has filed a claim against you, and you have rightfully turned to your insurance company to defend you. After all, that is why you paid those hefty premiums, isn’t it? Unfortunately, many insurers wrongfully fail to defend their policyholders from construction defect claims, even if it is a condition stipulated in your policy. At Golshani Lee LLP, our attorneys have extensive experience suing insurance companies when they refuse to defend their insureds in construction defect cases. We fight for your right to have your insurer pay for your defense.

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It is never too soon to seek counsel for a Southern California construction defect claim. Please contact our San Diego law office at 858-724-7908 or send us an email to schedule an initial consultation with a construction defect claim attorney. Our attorneys speak Farsi and Korean.