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Comprehensive Insurance Law Counsel For San Diego Clients

At Golshani Lee LLP, we offer reliable insurance law representation for individuals and business entities throughout the San Diego and Southern California area who are facing a denial of insurance coverage. Our insurance dispute lawyers have an outstanding level of knowledge and experience in insurance law.

Our cohesive services can help you with any insurance issues including but not limited to:

  • Denial letters
  • Insurance reservation of rights
  • First-party claims
  • Third-party liability claims
  • Additional insureds
  • Failure to defend
  • Failure to indemnify / settle
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Professional liability
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Errors and omissions insurance
  • Directors’ and officers’ coverage

If you need advocacy because your insurance company is not treating you fairly, we can represent you. If you need a defense because someone has filed a claim against you and your insurance company is not paying for lawyers to defend you, we can represent you. Along the way, we explain the law in a frank and honest manner and answer all your questions about insurance disputes.

Protecting the Rights of Insureds

When you purchase an insurance policy, you expect that your insurer will help when you submit a claim. You might have damages totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your insurer has offered you a settlement much lower than what you deserve, continues to drag out your claim indefinitely, or has denied your claim entirely, it is time to seek legal help. Our lawyers evaluate your situation to determine whether bad faith is involved. If so, they may be able to seek additional compensation.

The Duty to Defend Third-Party Claims

When a third-party sues you, your insurance company may owe you a defense including the cost of lawyers to defend you. Is your insurance company failing to uphold its duty to defend you? Our attorneys are not afraid to stand up to the most powerful of insurance corporations to ensure they honor their obligations to you. We have extensive experience obtaining a defense from insurance companies for business throughout San Diego and California, including for construction defect claims asserted against developers, builders, contractors and subcontractors. If a third party brings a claim against your business and your insurer fails to defend you, our San Diego insurance dispute lawyers can defend you aggressively while simultaneously pursuing your insurance company to pay for your defense.

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